Treasure Dome Humidor - 250 Capacity photo

Treasure Dome Humidor – 250 Capacity

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"The Treasure Dome Humidor is a large chest humidor capable of holding up to 250 of your favorite cigars. Someone was thinking ahead when they included two removable trays and four cedar dividers to keep your cigars organized in addition to the two rectangular humidifiers and analog hygrometer. The Treasure Done Humidor is complete with SureSeal Technology so you know your cigars will be as fresh as the day you bought them. Not to mention the beautiful burl finish and gold hardware that makes it pleasing to the eye."

Product Link: Treasure Dome Humidor – 250 Capacity (affiliate link)

  • Merchant: Thompson Cigar
  • Availability: in stock
  • Price: $279.99 USD
  • Condition: new
  • Type: Humidor

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