Thompson Explorer Habano - BOX 20 photo

Thompson Explorer Habano – BOX 20

"Thompson Explorer Toro Habano cigars are world class cigars for a fraction of the cost of top-shelf brands. Thompson Explorer Toro cigars use choice Havana seed mixed fillers to create a solid, satisfying smoking experience. The hearty Java Habano wrapper gives them that extra array of complex flavors that stimulates the palette. The Toro shape of these 50 ring gauge cigars makes for a hefty and enjoyable smoke that fills the mouth with the solid flavors of quality, cured tobacco. These cigars were created by a partnership between Thompson and a top-shelf cigar manufacturer. The name of that manufacturer is a secret but it only takes a few draws on one of these great cigars to realize that we are dealing with an experienced master cigar blender."

Product Link: Thompson Explorer Habano – BOX 20 (sponsored)

Availability: in stock

Price: $37.50 USD

Brand: Thompson Explorer

Condition: new

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