5 Vegas Classic Torpedo - PACK (10) photo

5 Vegas Classic Torpedo – PACK (10)

"A classic top-seller for nearly a quarter of a century comes from the 5 Vegas family that remains popular for its flavor and affordable price. 5 Vegas Classic is the original blend expertly crafted by Nestor Plasencia that kicked off this highly-rated brand. This savory medium-bodied cigar provides rich and creamy notes of deep tobacco along with a touch of toast, coffee, nut, and a not-too-harsh spice on the finish from its Cuban-seed long-filler tobaccos from Nicaraguan and the Dominican Republic, and oily Sumatra wrapper. Earning a 90-rating for its smooth and tasty profile, 5 Vegas Classic is complex, satisfying, and consistently delicious. Try 5 Vegas Classic Torpedo, and I’m sure you’ll be back for more."

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